Zack can paint anything from a photo: hyperrealistic portraits of people, pets, landscapes, wildlife, copies of masterpieces, literally anything from a photo. In addition, He can also put any realistic or surrealistic ideas of clients into reality. For example,a beloved pet in space, your house on top of an ice berg; anything is possible. Even a particularly interesting dream can be eternalized on canvas. You want it, Zack can do it!

The Process

The process begins with either a photo to be put 1:1 on canvas or an idea in the client’s head. The former can be done (as said above) hyper-realistically or in combination with a surrealistic theme (pet in space, etc). Every idea will be discussed in details via e-mail, phone or in person. In case of surrealistic ideas, the ideas will be discussed in details, then Zack will create a pencil sketch, more discussion, Zack will provide sample photos e.g. for background styles, etc. Every step of the painting will be discussed with the client, so that in the end a unique, individual masterpiece will be created. This will include the discussion on the desired size and amount of details of the painting. Please note that more details mean more work and will thus determine the final price. E.g. a size DIN A3 painting with many minute details will cost more than an DIN A1 painting will less details.

With the exception of one-to-one copies of masterpieces every painting/artwork will be unique and individual. Not one painting will be the same. The client’s painting will be unique and tailor-made to his or her wishes.

Upon agreeing on how the final piece should look, Zack will propose a price, based on details, size, medium and style (surrealistic or modern is in general cheaper than hyper-realistic copies of photos or masterpieces). A deposit of 50% of the final price is required to begin the painting process. This deposit is non-refundable, as it covers the fee for canvas, paint etc.  All paintings are made by commissions, which ensures the individuality of every art piece. Photos, videos etc of the progress can be provided upon request. Client’s can also come by and peak in. Unframed, rolled-up paintings on canvas can be shipped insured and safely worldwide, at the client’s expense.

Specific to your exact requirements

Zack uses different mediums, depending on the wishes of the client. Usually he uses: acrylic, oil, mixed, pencil art; other mediums (like charcoal, chalk or pastels) can be agreed upon.

Paintings can be done with a variety of brushes, pallet knives, airbrushing, etc etc etc. Since every painting idea requires an individual methods, style and medium will be discussed upon request.